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A guidance with Drivhuset is a relaxed meeting with one of our curious business developers. We start from your project and what you need help with right now. Drivhuset never judges ideas and you never have to feel that you should have gone further before contacting us. The sooner the better!

Drivhuset business developers can help you with practical knowledge of how to start a business, what is important to think about in the start-up phase and well-proven methods for developing your idea. We are an important sounding board for many entrepreneurs when they have to take the big step of realizing their dreams.

Meet Erik Garmo from Garmo Media who talks about his journey and how guides with Drivhuset Uppsala have helped him.

Guides with Drivhuset are a bit like therapy for your company” – Erik Garmo

With us, you get help to see opportunities and solutions for your idea. We start from your competence and experience and map out what you need help with in order to be able to move forward with your project. By shaping the idea based on the feedback you receive from us at Drivhuset and the target group you work towards, you will develop a viable idea that is ready for the market. All guidance is free of charge and is confidential. Take the first step towards realizing your idea.

You can book your guide easily via our online portal which you can find on the buttons above. Alternatively, you can of course book via email:

Every year, Drivhuset Uppsala carries out over 400 guides, which leads to
about 100 new companies. 85 percent of those who start with the help of Drivhuset still have their company after 3 years.

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