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How to start your business

Curious about how it would be to start your own business?

In a relaxed format, we will lay the groundwork for what you need to know to create and develop ideas, work with your target group, build a team, choose organizational form and other keys to be successful in business!

WHEN: Thursday 16th of September 12:00-13:00HOW: The event is for free!Register via this link to get the Zoom link before the event:Änmalan/188

In this Zoom session you will get the basics of what it means to start your own business and how we can support you.

This totally changed my mindset!

Drivhuset Uppsala is a non-profit foundation that offers free coaching and education in entrepreneurship. This may well be your first step on the journey of building something of your own!


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Date How to start your business, Thursday the 16th, 12.00-13.00 on Zoom

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