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At Drivhuset we provide knowledge and inspiration to get you the energy to start, develop and operate your business ideas. We want sustainable growth in a society where ideas can develop, companies are founded and organizations evolve. Allways through entrepreneurship. 

With guidance, education, and access to a large and solid network in Uppsala we aim to offer great value to you as a new or aspiring entrepreneur. 

We always originate from quality assured methods LOOPA and TOOKIG.

We substantially help you in 3 different ways. Via coaching sessions, education and access to our network in Uppsala. To you right you can read even more about our services but in general, we will always meet according to your terms wherever you are in your process. You can expect to be treated with joy, energy, and curiosity. We believe that entrepreneurship is important and that´s why we´re here to be supportive in any way. 

You don´t need a finished business plan or idea to enter the meeting, as long as you are engaged in your idea and ready to but in the effort. If you already run a company but are looking for any kind of development you are more then welcome to meet us as well. We have numerous courses and classes that you can attend to get more knowledge and to meet others in the same situation as you. Read more and see our calendar in the education section.

Our services

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