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How to start your business

Warm welcome to the third online lecture in Drivhusets online lecture series on how you can go from an idea to creating your own business. 

In this third lecture we will give you clear and concrete insights on how you actually start and register your business in sweden. We will inform you on what type of business you can choose to start, how the registration process works, how taxes for business work in Sweden and some knowledge in how accounting works. 

Did you miss the last lecture in this online series?
Contact us and we will share the information from the lecture with you. 

📅 WHEN: Wednesday 8th of November 12:15-13:00

🤔 HOW: The event is for free!

Register here and get the Zoom link before the event.


Datum Wednesday 8th of November 12.15-13.00


Sista anmälningsdag 8th of November 12.00

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