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New team members at Drivhuset

The super team at Drivhuset Uppsala

Say hi to our new team members Joakim Malmberg, Erik Tosterud and Penny the poodle. They are hyped and eager to meet you and help you out with your businesses or ideas.

Joakim Malmberg, Business Developer

Our new Business developer Joakim is born and raised in Uppsala and is an Uppsala University alumn. His background is in journalism and digital marketing and communication via social media platforms is his area of expertise. This august he started his second company which he keeps developing aside from Drivhuset.

”The best part of working at Drivhuset is the coaching sessions with all talented, inspiring and brave entrepreneurs. It´s almost too good to be true that it’s now actually my job to help them out to the best of my abilities free of charge.”

Erik Tosterud, Business Developer

Erik was born in Brazil and grew up in Sweden. He has an academic background in business & economics and international project management. As a professional he has worked as a producer of performing arts in Uppsala/Stockholm, New York, and Australia. He also co-founded a charity business. As such, he has a broad base from which to help you as an aspiring or active entrepreneur.

”This is for everyone. No matter what you do or where you are from. The world of ideas and development needs diversity. You don’t even need to have an idea or anything, just curiousity. I really look forward to meeting you all.”

Penny the Poodle, Mood Manager

Penny is a 15-week old Poodle. She loves people and her favorite human is Fanny. Penny works half time in the Drivhuset Office as our mood manager. She is super social and always spread good energy and puts a smile on everybody’s face.


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